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    Invest to make a measurable impact by tackling the almost $2 Trillion student debt crisis without sacrificing returns

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A NEW Alternative Fixed Income Fund

Finally, investors are able to benefit from investing in the earning potential of the American workforce. By refinancing the student debt of an American worker, the ISA Credit Fund generates low volatility, quarterly passive income with returns comparable to equities. This differentiation provides a unique portfolio diversification opportunity for ISA Credit Fund investors in today’s low return fixed income landscape.

On-Time Payments

$11 Million
 Deal Pipeline

$2 Billion 
Impact Projection

Passive Income Simulator

Passive Income Simulator

View how much your investment can increase in this asset class.

Your initial
investment can grow to




  1. The simulator uses a fixed term of 10 years.
  2. The simulator uses an average ISA funding of $50K with an average initial income of $60K.
  3. Client self-investment period occurs in Q1 and Q2. Self-investment uses 5% of ISA contract amount. This increases cash flows for Q1 and Q2. Repayment against actual ISA amount begins from Q3.
  4. The simulator applies the chosen Average Salary Growth Rate as an average across the fund.

All investments involve risk, including loss of principal. The chart shown by this simulator represents hypothetical performance that assumes a fixed annual rate of return entered by the user over a pre-defined time period. Certain investments do not even provide for a fixed annual rate of return, so this simulator will not accurately reflect potential investment results for those investments importantly, this simulator does not take into consideration expenses, economic conditions, market conditions or any other uncertainties or risks described in the investment offering materials for each investment. Because all of those factors impact performance, Defynance ISA Credit Fund investors' actual investment results may materially differ from the hypothetical results calculated by this simulator. The calculation is illustrative only and should not be considered as investment advice by Defynance ISA Credit Fund to you or any recommendation by Defynance ISA Credit Fund to buy or sell a particular security or investment product. You should consult with your own investment, tax, financial and legal advisers prior to making any investments and/or making any financial decisions based on any calculations produced by this simulator.


Features & Benefits

Inflation Hedging

Income does not correlate with the market so it continues to grow even during inflationary times.

Portfolio Diversification

Invest in a diverse pool of income sharing assets, not just one to greatly reduce your overall risk exposure.

Better Returns than Fixed Income

Low volatility that you expect combined with forecasted returns of 7-10%.

Passive Income

Receive quarterly passive income or reinvest it into more Fund interests.

Proprietary Pricing and Risk Algorithm

Leverages data science and machine learning to project the future income of every refinancing customer.

Social Impact

Eliminate the student loan debt that burdens every ISA customer.


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Generate passive income and diversify your investment portfolio by investing in the great American workforce with a diversified pool of ISAs.  It is time to make an impact without compromising returns! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Defynance ISA?
The Defynance Income Share Agreement (ISA) is an innovative financing method currently being utilized to refinance existing student loans. It allows someone to have their student loans paid off in exchange for sharing a fixed percentage of their income for a set period of time. For example, someone may agree to share 4% of their income for 10 years in having $15,000 of student loans paid off. 
How is a Defynance ISA different from a student loan?

A Defynance ISA is different from a student loan because it is not a loan at all. Rather, it is a contractual agreement to share income for a set period of time. The financing extended does not have to be repaid; only income has to be shared for a set period of time. It is possible for total income share payments to be equal to, less than, or more than the amount originally financed with the Defynance ISA. 

How can I invest?

You can either fill out the ISA Credit Fund Investor Interest Form on this site or send an email to  

Can I choose who I want to invest in?

No. You invest in the ISA Credit Fund, which will then deploy your and other investor capital for refinancing student loans. Each student loan refinancing application is carefully vetted and optimal income share pricing is determined by the Defynance pricing and risk algorithm that leverages over 125 data points. 

Who am I investing in?

The ISA Credit Fund invests in the earning potential of the educated American workforce. ISA customers are geographically diverse, come from various academic backgrounds, work in numerous professions and industries, and earn at least $30,000.

What are the returns?

It is anticipated that the ISA Credit Fund will have low volatility with returns forecasted in the 7-10% range. Subscriptions are accepted monthly and distributions are paid quarterly. Investors also have the option to reinvest distributions for additional Fund interests. 

Do I have to be an accredited investor to invest?

Yes. Currently, only accredited investors can invest in the ISA Credit Fund. Learn more about credited investors


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